Woodstock Premiere

We had a busy summer on the film -- we attended the incredible Producer Summit at the Sundance Resort and geared up for the film's launch.  And we also completed mixing and color correcting the film -- which is being "printed" this week. 

We are thrilled to be launching the film at the Woodstock Film Festival October 1 (Woodstock at 5:30) and October 3 (Rhinebeck at 6pm)!  It's the perfect place for our premiere. If you're upstate or want to plan a fall weekend, please come. We'd love to see your smiling faces. We have a few extra tickets available for the Thursday screening, so if you can use one, please email me.  First come first served! 

Tickets can be bought here. And please feel free to circulate the card or post on social media. 

In other news, the film will also be playing at the Astra Documentary Film Festival in Romania in October -- so if any of you is in Transylvania, check us out!